Fflyddmyr, one of the Cwn Annwn

The Cwn Annwn (Hounds of Annwn) are King Arawn's magical hunting dogs. On the eves of Calan Gaef and Calan Mai, they accompany Arawn on hunts in the Secondworld. Also on these eves, they drag the lost souls of mortals to the Otherworld.

Appearance and Abbilities[edit | edit source]

The Cwn Annwn resemble small wolves. The pack leader, Fflyddmyr, is black while the other three hounds are white with red-tipped ears. Their abbilities include super-speed and super-strength. When Princess Lleuada sends the Cwn Annwn after Sir Cadwgawn, they demonstrate this strength by easily penatrating Cadwgawn's armour and ruining his sword with their razor-sharp teeth. They have somewhat of a resitance built up against steel.

Female Cwn Annwn

In a state of paranoia stemming from the political resistence of Gwyn ap Nudd, Arawn trains the Cwn Annwn in Black Magic. This ultimately causes them to faulter in the presence of pure White Magic.

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